Artist Intoduction: Joseph Murphy

Soooooo once upon a time as a little boy, I found out I could draw. I drew clowns and cars fairly easily. As I grew my, artistic eye did also. Whatever I saw in reality or within my mind I could easily draw. I pursued art as my major in a vocational school in Cincinnati, Ohio and worked with Queen's City Suburban Press for about a year. Following this I changed careers and followed a military career which led me to a medical career. Art became a hobby... when I had time for it.
A few years ago, I hit rock bottom and became unemployed. Nothing was the same, and I didn't know what to do. My wife and I decided to move and make a new start in life. I had given up on art, and told my wife to just throw it all away! Well, she doesn't listen very well. She thought I was very talented and should do more art. She even bought me more materials! My hobby is truly a work from my heart, and I am evolving into the artist I always wished I could be. I am continuously learning, and getting better every day! My specialty is making pet portraits using ink and charcoals.  

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